INTELDILIGENCE is a risk and crisis management consulting company, specializing in complex compliance matters, business intelligence, political risk, crisis management and government relations. We offer high-end bespoke advice and services to a wide array of domestic and international clients ranging from start-ups to large multinational companies across Emerging Europe.

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Enterprises live in a constant state of insecurity, never knowing with any certainty if their networks have been compromised.

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The wealth of our backgrounds and perspectives give INTELDILIGENCE the range of expertise required to handle our client's most complex and sensitive challenges.

Marius Ghiba is a security, intelligence and investigative expert and a former US Secret Service and US Diplomatic Security Service Investigations Specialist. Currently, he is the Managing Director of INTELDILIGENCE. Marius is highly skilled in risk assessment and mitigation, intelligence services, background investigations, detection and review of financial fraud as well, as experienced in diplomatic and security related operations and negotiations.

Charles Vernon is the general counsel of INTELDILIGENCE. He specializes in complex commercial transactions, regulatory matters, and compliance issues. A resident of Romania for over 15 years, Charles has worked throughout the region and the Middle East, including Slovakia, Moldova, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. He regularly advises companies and investors on corporate best practices and the “do’s and don’ts” of good corporate governance and behavior.

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Our Work

Strategic Affairs for companies represents a sustained, constructive and appropriate dialogue with authorities and local entities, at various levels, in a secure and ethical way. The objective of this dialogue is to create a mutually beneficial, predictable environment which enables investment fruition, economic development and a balanced & stable regulatory environment.

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worthy of trust and confidence


INTELDILIGENCE is a one stop shop for sensitive matters. Our specialists are connoisseurs of the business environment,
the legislation that this environment abides by and the FCPA conduit. We offer a business driven approach to
Business Intelligence and Strategic Affairs in Emerging Europe. Our abilities and our experience lead us
to believing that we have what is necessary to find the solutions
to your problems and challenges.